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Cut Optimization WoodWorks

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(c) by ViennaTouristboard

WoodWorks - PC software to optimize rectangular cuts of wood, glass, steel, paper, cardboard, plastic or any othe plate material

WoodWorks cut optimizing software, the easy-to-use pc-program, optimizes your rectangular cuts of wood, glass, steel, paper, cardboard and plastic. Usage of oddments, banding (striping in horizontal and/or vertical direction), edge-bandings, printout of cutting-map and labels, XML export, MS-Excel™ and LibreOffice Calc interface are only a few features supported by WoodWorks.

Avoid waste, your contribution to environmental and climate protection

Thousands of satisfied WoodWorks customers in many countries, including Austria (of course 🙂), Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, China, Morocco, Indonesia, Switzerland, Australia, Italy, South Africa, Namibia, India, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Great Britain, Croatia, France, Guatemala, Vietnam

Simply download the free demo version and try it out!

NEW: do-it-yourselfers - handymen - home improver version EUR 25,--

woodworks screenshot


view and printout of the optimization result

As the optimization is running, you can view the results by double-clicking the corresponding TopTen-entry in the column “Cut-Off”. The optimization will stop and the result is shown. If you use the context-menu (right mousebutton in the column “Cut-Off”), you can also view the layouts or print the layouts/labels/overview.
Select Landscape to print the optimization results. Click here for an example of a printout of the registered version in a PDF file: optimization result as pdf

TopTen-List hint

Optimizing glass or sheet metal

If you want to use WoodWorks to optimize glass or sheet metal, set the cut width to "0" in the settings:

Cut Width

more hints you'll find in the WoodWorks manual