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Cut Optimization WoodWorks

WoodWorks - PC software to optimize rectangular cuts of wood, glass, steel, paper, cardboard, plastic or any othe plate material

WoodWorks cut optimizing software, the easy-to-use pc-program, optimizes your rectangular cuts of wood, glass, steel, paper, cardboard and plastic. Usage of oddments, banding (striping in horizontal and/or vertical direction), edge-bandings, printout of cutting-map and labels, XML export, MS-Excel™ and LibreOffice Calc interface are only a few features supported by WoodWorks.

Avoid waste, your contribution to environmental and climate protection

Thousands of satisfied WoodWorks customers in many countries, including Austria (of course 🙂), Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, China, Morocco, Indonesia, Switzerland, Australia, Italy, South Africa, Namibia, India, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Great Britain, Croatia, France, Guatemala, Vietnam

No running costs

After paying the license fee once, you can use WoodWorks as long and as often as you want.

Free demo version

Simply download the free demo version and try it out!

do-it-yourselfers - handymen - home improver version EUR 25,--

woodworks screenshot

Adjustments/changes/additional programming/projects:

Individual adjustments and additional programming on request: develop@woodworks.at

Project example:

Integration of WoodWorks into automated processes/workflows:

WoodWorks offers a number of features that enables integration into partially or fully automated processes or workflows. So can the printout be triggered automatically after a certain time or after reaching a certain value of cutoff (both adjustable). The optimization results can also be saved as an XML file, which can be further processed and passed on to automatic cutting tools.
See also WoodWorks-Forum - Batchmode
See an example of embedding of WoodWorks into a partially automated process

If you are planning a similar project and need more information or support, please let me know!

WoodWorks and Linux:

If you want to use WoodWorks on Linux and need support, please contact Michael: michael@woodworks.at

See also WoodWorks-Forum - Linux


view and printout of the optimization result

As the optimization is running, you can view the results by double-clicking the corresponding TopTen-entry in the column “Cut-Off”. The optimization will stop and the result is shown. If you use the context-menu (right mousebutton in the column “Cut-Off”), you can also view the layouts or print the layouts/labels/overview.
Select Landscape to print the optimization results. Click here for an example of a printout of the registered version in a PDF file: optimization result as pdf

TopTen-List hint

Optimizing glass or sheet metal

If you want to use WoodWorks to optimize glass or sheet metal, set the cut width to "0" in the settings:

Cut Width

more hints you'll find in the WoodWorks manual