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WoodWorks Info


  • Optimizes your rectangular cuts of wood, glass, steel, paper, cardboard, plastic or any other plate material by minimizing the cut-off
  • Usage of oddments
  • Takes an eventually graining into consideration
  • Edge-bandings
  • cross-cutting (=banding/striping in horizontal and/or vertical direction)
  • Labels (commission/component/dimension/edges)
  • Excel™/LibreOffice Calc/XML import
  • XML export of optimization results
  • Offer-printout (MS-Word/LibreOffice)
  • One-time license fee, no running costs


  • PC with Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8.1/Win10

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Price and registration

After the registration fee has been received we will check the data and send you an email usually the same day. This mail includes the invoice and the registration data. Simply copy the registration file enclosed with that mail into your WoodWorks directory and start WoodWorks. After registering you will be able to perform optimizations up to registered number of parts as often as you need.

max. number of parts 3.000 parts 6.000 parts 10.000 parts 20.000 parts without limit
Price in € (excl. VAT) € 95,-- € 120,-- € 150,-- € 180,-- € 240,--

There is also a home improvement/do-it-yourselfer version available (EUR 25,--/400 parts), see below!

This means, if you register at a price of € 95,-- (max. 3.000 parts), you can carry out as many optimizations as you need, each of them with a maximum of 3.000 components (=parts). There is NO LIMITATION in the number of optimizations (program-calls), but each optimization is limited to the registered number of parts!

Standard versions within the EU (due to EU rules regarding the sales tax (VAT) the following distinctions have to be observed, please select):

Standard versions outside the EU (no VAT has to be paid):

Move the mouse over the relevant text to get more information. If you are not sure which option applies to you, please ask us - thanks to the EU, we are not only optimization- but meanwhile also tax experts :-)

do-it-yourselfer version (EUR 25,--): With this handyman license, you can perform as many optimizations as you like, each with up to 400 parts.

With this do-it-youselfer/handyman/home improvement license for the price of EUR 25,-- you can perform as many optimizations as you like with up to 400 parts each.
Please download and install the demo version and test it if it meets your requirements (printout, labels, ...). If you are satisfied with WoodWorks and decide to register, you will receive the registration information and invoice by email after paying the registration fee.
After receiving the registration data per mail simply copy the registration file enclosed with that mail into your WoodWorks directory and start WoodWorks. This removes the limitations of the demo version (eg missing dimensions) and you can perform as many optimizations as you like with up to 400 parts each. If the registration was successful you will notice that your registration name appears in the title bar of the WoodWorks program window.

Pay with PayPal: EUR 25,--

The fastest way to your license! After payment you will receive the registration key and the invoice by mail!

Or choose one of the payment methods shown below (DIY, EUR 25,--):

Or use your PayPal-app:
QR-Code PayPal
Please insert EUR 25 as the amount!

Bank transfer with QR code (DIY version, EUR 25,--):

You can also transfer the registration fee with your banking app if it supports QR code transfers.
Please provide your email address and your billing address so that we can send you the registration key and the invoice by email, e.g. by contact or via online registration or directly in the transfer!

QR-Code Hypo

corporate customers within the EU with a valid VAT-ID (no VAT): within the EU and with a valid VAT-ID no VAT will be charged

If you have your headquarters unfortunately in Austria, you have to pay the austrian VAT even if you own a valid VAT-ID :-) If so, please use the next form "private customers within the EU". The VAT will be shown on the invoice (deductible).

PayPal with valid VAT-ID:

max. parts:

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private customers within the EU (price shown excl. VAT): within the EU the VAT rate of the buyers country is to be applied. The country-specific VAT will be added only during the checkout process so the price is shown excl. VAT

PayPal within EU:

max. parts:

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outside the EU (no VAT to pay): outside the EU no VAT is to be applied

PayPal outside EU:

max. parts:

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After downloading, execute wwsetup.exe by double-clicking and follow the instructions.
Vista/Win7: If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 and you do not have write or admin permissions (or you are not sure), please install woodworks in a different directory than the proposed, eg C:\WoodWorks

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You can register directly in Austria or at your respective distributor.

Registration in Austria

As soon as the registration-fee will be received (please remember: any transfer-charges at your end), we will send you the registration-key by eMail. Please enter this key (menu "common" - "Register"). Notice: the registration-key is case-sensitive! To speed up the registration-process, please inform us about your payment of the registration-fee by sending us an email or fill out our Online-Registrationform. Thank you!

max. parts 3.000 parts 6.000 parts 10.000 parts 20.000 parts without limit
in € incl. 20% VAT € 114,-- € 144,-- € 180,-- € 216,-- € 288,--
Bank transfer:

Hypogasse 1
3100 St. Pölten

Acc-No 1455021770, Robert Denk
IBAN AT59 530000 1455021770
BCN 53000

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Registration via distributors

Please contact your sales representative

Outside Austria / countries without distributor

The bank-transfer has to take place "free of charge for the receiver"! If you consider the transfer-charge as too high, we will also accept traditionally mail:

Please do not forget to add your name, address and email-address! If you have any question or criticism, feel free to contact us: ->contact

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The current version of WoodWorks is available in the following languages:


This shareware-software is provided "AS IS" and is protected by Copyright Law. Any expressed or implied warranties, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed. The authors shall not be liable for any demages suffered by anybody as a result of using this software. By registration, you do not become the owner of the software, you are only granted a license to use. Usage of the registered version of the software at two different locations at the same time is forbidden (just like a book). You may not decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, or otherwise reduce the Software to a human-perceivable form. You may not rent, lease or sublicense the Software. You may not modify the Software or create derivative works based upon the Software. All rights reserved to Robert Denk and Peter Zsazsevszky.
This agreement should be construed, interpreted, and governed according to the laws of Austria.